Happy High Shatter


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Happy High Shatter

Introducing Happy High Shatter, the pinnacle of cannabis concentrates. This translucent extract is carefully crafted using a combination of premium weed plant materials and solvents, resulting in a stunning range of hues from honeylike amber to rich olive oil tones. Immerse yourself in the world of shatter, where dabbing takes center stage. Utilize a rig with a flat bowl and a high-temperature tolerant nail to experience the full potential of shatter’s potent effects. To preserve its quality, store shatter in the fridge (avoid deep freezers), as it may naturally evolve into a wax or butter-like consistency over time. Embrace the extraordinary with Happy High Shatter.

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Agent Orange (Sativa), Pink Bubba (Indica), Do-Si-Do (Hybrid), Mac 10 (Hybrid)