Happy High: Kief Jars (14g)


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Happy High: Kief Jars (14g)

Experience the power of Happy High: Kief Jars (14g), unlocking the potential of cannabis trichomes in a versatile and potent form. Kief, the resinous powder derived from dried trichomes, is a treasure trove of THC, CBD, and flavorful terpenes. Ranging in hues from golden to brown, this powdery substance adds an extra kick to bowls and joints, boosting their potency and intensity. Discover various ways to enjoy kief, whether sprinkling it onto a bowl, incorporating it into a joint, or even pressing it into hash. With Happy High Kief Jars, available in enticing strains like Bruce Banner, Gelato, Ice Cream, and Pink Kush, elevate your cannabis experience to new heights.


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Bruce Banner, Gelato, Ice Cream, Pink Kush