Faded Tincture Halley’s Comet


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Faded Tincture Halley’s Comet

Faded Tincture Halley’s Comet brings you the best of both worlds with its unique blend of THC and CBD. Crafted by Faded Cannabis Co., this proprietary tincture is meticulously formulated without any fillers or by-products. Each 20mL bottle contains a harmonious combination of full spectrum THC oil, CBD oil, and organic MCT oil derived from coconuts. Experience the entourage effect as THC and CBD work together to provide balanced relief and promote overall well-being. Trust in Faded Cannabis Co.’s commitment to quality and enjoy the versatile benefits of Faded Tincture Halley’s Comet, your celestial companion on your wellness journey.

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3:1 CBD – THC Tincture Halley's Comet, 1:1 CBD – THC Tincture Halley's Comet